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Fear of public speaking (known in medical terms as "glossophobia") is widely regarded as one most common fears. Whether you're stricken with glossophobia and want to overcome your fears, or you're comfortable at a podium but want to become a stronger speaker, you'll find exactly what you need at Public Speaking Expert.
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Fear of Public Speaking
Fear of Public Speaking: Symptoms and How to Relieve Them, Using Hypnosis...
Improving Your Speech
Improving Your Speech: What to Do After Giving a Bad Speech, Removing...
Performing Your Speech
Performing Your Speech: The Importance of Personal Appearance, Public...
Planning Your Speech
Planning Your Speech: Finding Out as Much as You Can about Your...
Public Speaking Engagements
Public Speaking Engagements: Selling Items at a Public Speech, "Selling...
Speech Writing
Speech Writing: Unusual Elements to Add to a Speech, Ways to Engage Your Audience,...
Types of Speeches
Types of Speeches: Work Presentations, Persuasive Speeches, Public Speaking at...
Latest Comments
  • Nofa Poya
    Re: Dealing With Problems With Poise
    I like the methods but what is the biggest barrier of giving a speech? That's where am left out.
    26 June 2019
  • Desmond Udo
    Re: Award Speeches
    I am appointed to present an award to the best I.T student of a certern company, I need an asistant
    22 January 2019
    Re: Award Speeches
    help need a best film award presentation speech
    11 January 2019
  • Rayckan
    Re: Award Speeches
    pls ,I want you guys to help me on speech on invention of Incurable disease cure
    28 September 2018
  • rasheed
    Re: Award Speeches
    i am nominated for best employee, kindly help me to give a speech
    31 January 2018
  • sandiafu
    Re: Common Mistakes With Public Speaking
    I had given a speech yesterday. It was really not the one I desieired it to be. I could not concentrate, anxiety mounted…
    18 October 2017
  • AmyNJ
    Re: What to Do After Giving a Bad Speech
    @Shar - yes, look at Teresa May on her speech yesterday. Half her speech was read via notes and then she had issues with…
    5 October 2017
  • Shar
    Re: What to Do After Giving a Bad Speech
    I just gave a terrible speech in front of our larger team several hours ago. I realized even more how terrible it was…
    4 October 2017
  • Erics
    Re: Award Speeches
    I have been selected to make a speech for my employee at his ten years long service award. Please assist me with speech writing
    13 September 2017
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